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Ernesto Tages is a management advisor in mental strategy. As a trusted counselor to remarkable leaders, I help them to make the most efficient use of their high intellectual wealth.


I work closely with my clients, assisting them in generating world-shaping impact. I build and nurture their decision making capabilities and leadership skills at every level and applicable in all circumstances. My job is to bring out the mental capabilities of my clients to their fullest potential. The result of our intervention is the development of intuitive and visionary leaders, driven by an extraordinary purpose and capable of influencing the world in the direction of a positive transformation.

My focus is the whole and unique person

I don’t believe in standard answers. More than 15 year of experience confirm that custom solutions yield maximized performance. I invest significant time and effort in developing unique perspectives and insights for each of my select clients.

My transversal expertise and deep understanding of seven essential functional areas of Human endeavor allows to address the most critical problems and threats in a way that no one else can. As trusted advisor, I have the responsibility to support my clients to maintain the highest standards . I not only guide those I work with as professionals, but also address the individual to the fullest extent.

Committed to making a positive impact on the world

I use the convening power of my firm and clients to help address the world’s most pressing problems. We maintain an ongoing effort to develop the intellectual capabilities needed to improve the quality of life of segregated communities. Our effort is oriented mainly towards those in extreme poverty, helping their leaders while contributing to the good of the community and the environment to which they pertain.

Each year, we aid leading foundations, nonprofits and multilateral institutions address major issues related to lack of emotional competences. Our community of socially responsible leaders gives those in need the necessary knowledge to help, teach, inspire and cause a positive change within their communities. As an intended contagion effect, their intervention will result in a better future for the whole society.

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My sole ambition is to help you achieve your full intellectual potential, to protect and grow your mental capabilities. Get the Institutional Brochure for further information.

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