The services we offer are carefully designed and conceived for the decision maker, the experienced and successful leader, who appreciates a proven methodology based upon a long-term relationship. A strategic approach and a rigorous selection process for clients, ensures both parties a wise use of our precious time.

The close and personalized support that Ernesto Tages provides every leader follows a cautious and well-defined system. However, interventions are tuned and adapted to the needs and circumstances of each particular case. Thus, unnecessary risks are avoided and the benefits obtained are optimized over time.


Strategy & Insights

Craft and deliver breakthrough experiences, meaningful and frictionless interactions, by understanding how to motivate and inspire your most important public.

Gain a clear, deep understanding of a complicated problem or situation.

Influence matters

Leverage your influence factor to drive change, build cohesive teams, and successfully implement a strategic vision.

Be aware of hidden intentions. Inoculate yourself from undesired effects of unconsented influence. Be pure as a dove, but wise as a serpent.

Mind matters

Our purpose is that you excel at your cognition, emotional balance, decision-making skills AND your spirituality.

Judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness.

Creativity, ingenuity, and originality.

Mindfulness, intuition, and crisis management.